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What is the BitcoinX App?

The BitcoinX software gives traders the ability to directly access the cryptocurrency markets, even without any prior experience in trading. Our software provides traders with highly accurate market analysis based on historical price information and key technical indicators in order to assist in making smarter and more logical trading decisions. Also, accessing our software is completely free of charge.
We have made sure that traders of all skill levels, from beginner to advanced, can benefit from using the BitcoinX trading software. The application’s software interface has been intuitively designed which allows even novice traders to easily locate all of the useful features provided by the BitcoinX application. The software can also be customized to operate at your preferred level of autonomy and provide the needed level of assistance in order to fit your own skill level and trading experience.

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The BitcoinX team continuously works at improving our groundbreaking trading app with the aim of making the software more accurate, user-friendly, and faster. With the understanding that cryptocurrency markets are constantly in flux with new developments and changes happening all of the time, we work hard to stay aware and adapt to these changes in the markets.
If you are thinking about registering for your new account with BitcoinX, we want to congratulate you on beginning your journey into the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies. Welcome to the BitcoinX community.

The BitcoinX Team

We assembled an impressive group of talented professionals to create and design the BitcoinX trading software. The top goal of the group was to develop a trading application that was user-friendly but can still provide highly accurate and in-depth market analysis for the cryptocurrency markets. Our team combined decades' worth of knowledge and experience in the digital markets and computer technology to develop one of the most powerful trading software applications available.
We put the BitcoinX app through a thorough and rigorous testing phase to make sure the software functions at the highest possible level. The results of the beta testing show that the software can provide market analysis that is consistently accurate and reliable in a fast and efficient manner. Although this advanced app is truly groundbreaking, there is still no way we can completely eliminate the risk involved in trading the cryptocurrency markets. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that you will be profitable overall from using the BitcoinX app. However, we can ensure you will receive accurate, real-time, data-driven market analysis that has the potential to improve your trading decisions.

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